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Read from the bottom up. This is important. 
A man once asked me … how I managed in my books to write such natural conversation between men when they were by themselves. Was I, by any chance, a member of a large, mixed family with a lot of male friends? I replied that, on the contrary, I was an only child and had practically never seen or spoken to any men of my own age till I was about twenty-five. “Well,” said the man, “I shouldn’t have expected a woman (meaning me) to have been able to make it so convincing.” I replied that I had coped with this difficult problem by making my men talk, as far as possible, like ordinary human beings. This aspect of the matter seemed to surprise the other speaker; he said no more, but took it away to chew it over. One of these days it may quite likely occur to him that women, as well as men, when left to themselves, talk very much like human beings also.

Dorothy L. SayersAre Women Human?: Astute and Witty Essays on the Role of Women in Society

Book Geek Quote #445

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Jesus was a homeless Palestinian anarchist who held protests at oppressive churches, advocated for universal health care and redistribution of wealth, before being arrested for terrorism, tortured and executed for crimes against the state, now go ahead and explain to me why he’d vote conservative. I’ll wait.

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wee woo wee woo yes hello ma’am this is the characterisation police. step aside. yr under arrest for heavily misinterpreting this character

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apparently ravens are associated with death and prophecy because they’re very intelligent birds and back in the day they learned p quick that large groups of men marching meant imminent corpses to feed on so they would follow armies and i think that’s v metal

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"I’ve never dated a lesbian but I’ve always wanted to"

You’re a man
Why?????would?????a lesbian?????ever wanna date you????
Do you even know what a lesbian is???

What kind of response to “sorry I’m not interested, I’m a lesbian” is this????

My cousin once got angry and insulted when I told him a lesbian couple wouldn’t want a threesome with him.


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Favourite jokes

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if sam winchester were held together literally by only duct tape and safety pins inside he would still give them away freely to anyone who might need them