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Unusual Victorian Renaissance revival hexagonal terrarium. English, Circa 1860-70
The six canted glass sides of the top and bottom section all framed with well carved moldings and details including gothic arches. The collection of rare plants from all over the world was a popular pastime as well as a serious pursuit. Easier travel advanced the sciences, especially botany. “Collectors” would show off their field specimens and treasures at home in these specially made, often elaborate, display cases. The terrarium is a direct descendent of the Wardian case (invented 1829 by Dr. Nathaniel Ward) which can closely replicate the Earth’s water cycle, trapping and recycling the available moisture and encouraging growth.

Sunset, Grand Cayman Island
photo via addison


No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.

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Harry Uzoka for Christopher Shannon

"The Seven Ravens" by Levon Jihanian